Terms & Conditions

ProMaster Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning or its authorized technician agrees to perform the work specified in a professional manner using reasonable care to obtain satisfactory results. The professional cleaner is limited in attaining the best results due to the condition and nature of the article being cleaned.

Listed below are the conditions which are the most commonly encountered for which we disclaim liability and for which the customer agrees not to hold us responsible.

1. The nature of some spots make it impossible to restore original color or texture. At times, a spot will appear to be even more visible after a general cleaning of the material. Spotting work on rust, liquor, cosmetics, ink, coffee, lipstick stains, and the like is performed at the customer's risk because REMOVAL OF SPOTS IS NOT GUARANTEED.

2. Carpeting, by nature, has certain permanent characteristics (fluffing, blooming, pile shading)

that cannot be changed and may even be highlighted by cleaning.

3. The colorfastness of fabric, leather, or other material depends on the material and the dyes used in manufacturing.

After testing such materials, we have advised the customers regarding the adverse effects, which my result due to the cleaning process.

4. Backing, lining, and other materials and processes used in manufacturing carpeting and furniture may produce adverse results in the face material when cleaned. There is no way of determining when such results will occur.

5. The customer will not hold ProMaster Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning or its technicians responsible for SHRINKAGE unless shrinkage is caused by our negligence. 

6. The customer will not hold ProMaster Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning or its technicians responsible for COLOR FADING due to light, age, or weak or deteriorated materials.

7. PET DAMAGE & MAJOR ODOR TREATMENT: These treatments can only be guaranteed IF we are allowed to reach all of the affected areas, the carpet is pulled up and cushion discarded, the carpet is thoroughly cleaned on both sides with a special product that neutralizes the urine, the sub floor is also neutralized, and a special odor barrier is applied to the backing of the carpet, sub floor, and baseboard.

8.  PAYMENT ARRANGEMENTS: Payment in full is due at the time of service. In the event payment is not made at time of service and a bill out is necessary, payment is then due upon receipt and must be paid in full no more than 30 days from the date of service unless other arrangements have been made in writing. If amount due has not been paid in full within 30 days, any discounts made on the invoice will become void and full original amount will be due immediately. Any further delay in payment will result in legal actions.

9.RETURNED CHECKS: A $45 returned check fee will be added to the invoice for each returned check.